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If you need to repair your current heating and air conditioning system, then you've come to the right place! Take a look at the comprehensive list of services we offer at RTF Mechanical, Inc.. Please contact us for more information on what these services entail.


We use high-tech diagnostic equipment to guarantee an efficient and effective installation job the first time, and we only use the highest quality brands and parts when it comes to addressing your comfort.



Air balancing is testing, measuring, and adjusting your HVAC systems to deliver the right amount of air equally throughout your home. At RTF Mechanical, Inc., we understand the machinery and know the specifications of all different HVAC systems, and know what they need to perform optimally. We have found that the original HVAC design installed in your home may not be adequate today, especially if you have done construction work along the way. We can run tests and diagnose your home's HVAC problems. Call us to see if your HVAC systems are working together to provide you best air quality possible.


   Air Conditioning Repair
    Air Duct Repair
    Air Duct Sealing
    Air Zoning
    Electric Boiler Repair
    Gas Boiler Repair
    Expansion of Existing System(s)
    Electric Furnace Repair
    Gas Furnace Repair


Before you turn on your heat each year, RTF Mechanical, Inc. suggests that you get your furnace cleaned and inspected. Common services include replacing filters, repairing a blown fuse, and adjusting the furnace thermostat. By being proactive, you can avoid a possible emergency during the middle of winter.


    Heat Pump Repair
    Leak Repair
    Modify Existing System(s) to Meet Codes and Regulations
    Radiator Repair
    Redesigning Existing System(s) to Improve Efficiency
    Thermostat Repair
    Whole House Fans
    Other Equipment Repair
    Electric Water Heater Repair
    Gas Water Heater Repair

   Tankless Water Heater Installation, Repair, Replacement 

Tankless Water Heaters usually create hot water as needed rather than store it in a tank. There are different models, but are all seen as an energy friendly option. Tankless Water Heaters do not waste the energy of heating water and then storing it.

 Commericial Refrigeration Repair     

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